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Limerick's 3 Bridges

The “3for3” Breast Cancer Awareness Walk took place on 7th October 2018 in Limerick City. It was its first year and proved to be a monumental success raising €12,000 and over €26,000 in its 2nd year for the Symptomatic Breast Unit. It created an opportunity for the people of Limerick & beyond to physically get involved in the fundraising for this great cause with over 800 people making their way to Limerick City to take part in the walk.

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Limerick's 3 Bridges

3for3 was founded by Caroline Moloney who started her journey in the Breast Unit in the Regional, Limerick in 2014. She is acutely aware of the impact breast cancer had on her personally and also on her family and friends. Thankfully she has overcome, fought it and has come out a survivor; she is forever grateful and will never forget the Symptomatic Breast Unit.

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Limerick's 3 Bridges

Caroline wanted to create a participant driven initiative that would give back to the brilliant work the Symptomatic Breast unit does for its patients. The walk incorporates the 3 Bridges of Limerick highlighting the beautiful City, the main aim is everyone young or old, friends, canine & felines can participate in a non-competitive environment.